San Francisco, CA
May 15-16, 2017

Prescribing Leadership in Healthcare

May 15, 2017
1:30pm - 2:10pm
Grand Ballroom

A recent study by the Healthcare Center for Excellence revealed that lack of leadership was the greatest challenge to implementing healthcare analytics and now more than ever, we need leaders who are well-versed in all aspects of leadership. Unfortunately, the skills that made healthcare leaders successful in the past may not be enough to be successful in the future. Managing change requires a very special set of skills.

What is billed as leadership skill development today is usually missing key components that could limit the leader’s effectiveness. This presentation will examine why most current leadership development models fail and what is needed to create “professional” leaders. It will explain why leadership is a process that must be prescribed like a maintenance drug and practiced every day using the same approach taken by professional athletes worldwide for decades.

Key Takeaways:

  • How to apply the situational model of leadership to healthcare.
    The steps any leader or potential leader can take today to improve their leadership tomorrow.
    How to apply the proprietary five-step approach to the individual’s professional leadership development.

Originals Campus


J. Bryan
Executive Director
Healthcare Center of Excellence

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