#PutData2Work Twitter Chat: Building a More Informed Healthcare System

The chasm between data and actionable information is widening as our digital selves will expectedly generate upwards of 44 zettabytes (44 trillion gigabytes) by 2020 without practical strategies to use this data in place. We know that, in healthcare, data can be a precious resource in tackling health disparities but making good use of it is an overwhelming undertaking for a system that is already facing its limits. On one hand, data holds the promise to move to a healthcare model that is more:

  • Value-based and patient-centric
  • Personalized
  • Timely (even predictive)
  • Sustainable
  • Accessible

On the other hand, this promise can feel overshadowed by the stark reality of clinical burnout, data security, storage, visualization, reporting, sharing, and patient disengagement woes.

Big Data & Healthcare Analytics Forum keynote speaker, John Quackenbush, Professor, Biostatistics and Computational Biology at the Harvard School of Public Health’s Dana-Farber Cancer Institute believes healthcare has just begun to pivot toward understanding:

When you look at the great scientific revolutions, it's data that drives discovery. We all think we know about how the universe operates, but when you start to get empirical data, you realize how incomplete our understanding truly is.

In anticipation of a lively discussion around data and analytics best practices and innovation from Oct. 23-24, Healthcare IT News (@HealthITNews) and its Editor-in-Chief (@SullyHIT) will host a #PutData2Work Twitter Chat to unpack the following burning questions health data stewards are asking today. Guest subject matter experts include Shahid Shah, (@ShahidNShah) and Tamara StClaire (@drstclaire).

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The Twitter Chat takes place on Oct. 12 at 12-1 pm CST. 

  • T1: What disparities do you see being substantially impacted by progress in healthcare analytics & data management. #PutData2Work
  • T2: What are the industry’s biggest challenges in making valuable use of the healthcare data it currently has access to? #PutData2Work
  • T3: What role will data and analytics play in empowering patients to play a larger role in their health and care outcomes? #PutData2Work
  • T4: What is your perceived ‘new frontier’ in healthcare data and analytics? #PutData2Work

 In the meantime, check out our two-day event agenda and start connecting with other like-minded professionals on Twitter via the #PutData2Work hashtag. 

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