Boston, MA
Oct. 22-23, 2018
Vice President of Clinical Informatics and System Design
Commonwealth Care Alliance

Valmeek Kudesia is a practicing internist, board-certified clinical informatician, and engineer trained at Boston University and Harvard University.

He thrives in the challenging overlap of clinical, administrative, and technical domains in healthcare. He seeks to transform healthcare organizations into learning organizations. Valmeek is an experienced leader who uses his multidisciplinary background to align stakeholders and forge new pathways for success. He guides interdisciplinary teams to equip healthcare networks with informatics platforms, clinical analytics tools, and change-processes in order to support cutting-edge research (including Precision Medicine) and a learning healthcare system that continually improves care outcomes. 

As a physician, he believes healthcare informatics systems should be invisible and bring care-providers and patients closer together instead of wedging them apart. As an engineer and informatician, he knows those systems can be created, and we can make a tremendous positive impact by building them (

keywords: Internal Medicine, Clinical Decision Support, Clinical care, Clinical Information Systems, EHR, EMR, clinical quality improvement, improve clinical outcomes, clinical data mining, clinical operations, healthcare delivery, leadership

October 23, 2018
9:45am - 10:25am
America Ballroom

There’s a ton of buzz around machine learning and artificial intelligence and the role they’ll play in revolutionizing and improving healthcare, but what are these evolving technologies, how are they different, and what are the multiple layers of use?

No complex health IT ever created has been plug-and-play. The same goes for ML and AI. To take full advantage of its potential, will require a lot of work.

In this morning leadership panel, our speakers look at the current state of machine learning and AI in healthcare and address where we are, where we are going, and what we need to do to get their faster.

What education do stakeholders need? What new vocabulary is required? How do you integrate ML and AI into operational and clinical processes? How do you show ROI?

Our speakers will address these questions and others head-on in a fascinating and insightful discussion that sets the stage for the speakers to follow.

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