Boston, MA
Oct. 22-23, 2018
National Director, Performance Analytics

David Bordewyk is a Physician Assistant and the National Director of Performance Analytics at IBM Watson Health.  His focus to date has been in the application of advanced analytics, decision support, and technology in support of improved clinical outcomes, population health, and the achievement of value. David’s experience in the clinical environs of the hospital, ED, and ambulatory settings provides perspective on the end goal of quality of care and optimal health, while aligning to new cost and price incentives.

October 22, 2018
9:25am - 9:40am
America Ballroom

The move to value-based payment is introducing unfamiliar financial risk to healthcare organizations. For the leaders responsible for the delivery of optimal quality and cost in the new paradigm, it is critical that they have confidence in the data analytics being provided to them as they plan and make decisions. Sound data curation and governance infrastructure is just the foundation of enabling confident decision making. Delivering value will require adjusting for population risk, accurately quantifying and benchmarking cost, and predicting financial and clinical risk. During this presentation, we will explore ways to bring all the sources of data and IT infrastructure together to provide relevant insights for multiple stakeholders across the organization.

Key takeaways:

  • Effectively managing exponential amounts of data and an expensive IT investment to drive actionable insights
  • Integrating your high value data that is essential to the core business with emerging technologies based on intelligence
  • Understanding the building blocks and statistical significance of assuring data confidence

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