Harnessing EHRs and Health IT to Achieve Population Health

Professor Jonathan Weiner’s presentation will focus on how electronic health records and other e-health tools can be harnessed to move beyond providing medical care for a single patient episode towards the achievement of “population health.” This provocative presentation will offer new conceptual paradigms and will review “big data” opportunities and challenges. The talk’s emphasis will be on how population-focused care transformation can be brought about through the integration and application of e-health/EHR systems and claims/MIS systems. The talk will offer examples of analytic tools and methods designed to increase the effectiveness, efficiency and equity of care provided at a geographic, community level and to “populations” of consumers enrolled in health plans, ACOs and other integrated delivery systems. 


Jonathan P. Weiner, Dr.P.H.
Professor and Director of the Center for Population Health IT - Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health